Prism Represents “Life”


Our story

Prism’s seeds were sown in 2006 by founder Shital Sajan . Her passion for creativity and a professional degree in jewellery designing inspired her to embark on a journey that meant ​preserving, pampering and presenting ​bespoke jewellery in a distinctive style.

We value jewellery and bask in the purity of design. It is this passion that drives us in honouring the owners of ​jewels​.

We believe that every package adds value, standard and a touch of royalty. We aim to design and bring the very experience of holding in your hands nothing less than a treasure box with priceless marvel.


Our promises

We own the responsibility to present your masterpiece jewellery with utmost grace. We iterate, ideate and innovate to stay relevant. We stand accountable for meeting your needs to achieve the best for your brand.

Know me

A Jewellery Designer By Profession.

Winner of the World Gold Council, Year 2000.

The passion to be ahead in the curve of creativity has carved out a special place for Prism with our customers.

My passion triggers me to pilot my client’s vision into reality.


Team at Prism

A dedicated and talented team with 7 years of strong association have been the pillar of strength behind Prism’s vision.
Prism’s Partners & Vendors (90%) are as Old as Prism.
A bunch of dedicated and talented individuals, who with their distinctive expertise, ensure remarkable results for our clients.

Prism stands for life, and with its philosophy of “Life”, it contributes to communities and strives to make them Independent in their Journey.